After a few months, a few thoughts

It's been two months since starting this blog and it feels like the right time to pause for a moment and think about what comes next.

First, I want to thank those of you who have sent notes or comments. I honestly thought I would be talking to myself (a much maligned but useful and entertaining habit, by the way) and have been delightfully surprised that a handful of folks have been willing to drop by.

For all of you who have visited, dropped me a email or mentioned this site in a tweet or Facebook post, thank you. Your support means more than you'll know.

When I started this blog, I planned to post several entries very quickly, so that someone stumbling across it would think their time was not wasted in browsing around. So far, that goal has been achieved. But as anyone blogger will tell you, it takes a lot of time to prepare each entry. I have especially wanted every post to have at least a few good illustrations, and scanning, editing and otherwise preparing the images for posting takes a while.

Starrett's initials from a signed copy of his bibliography of Ambrose Bierce, published in 1920.

Which is all by way of saying that the weekly schedule of posts will be cut back a bit. Now that there are a dozen or so posts here, I plan to take my time and do some things that are worth a reader's time.  So expect posts to come along every two or three weeks. If something comes along that deserves more immediate attention, I'll post more frequently. So you should expect this site to be updated 'irregularly,' to borrow a word.

See you soon.

A typical day at the offices of Most days it's not so neat.